The Best Security Company in Malaysia. We have set our heart on achieving a high profile as established security organization based in Johor. If you believe in settling for nothing less than the best, we are always there to cater for the excellence Security Guards, CCTV, Security Alarm Solutions and Central Monitoring Station.

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As one of Malaysia’s leading security company in Johor, Womo Security Sdn. Bhd. emphasis on quality combined with an innovative and customer focused approach in the provision of commercial security services and embracing such values  differentiates Womo from other organizations operating in this sector.

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Why Womo Security?


Womo Security Sdn. Bhd. offers complete range of security services delivered by a team of professional and fully licensed and vetted guards. The security services available include Armed & Unarmed security Guards, Central Monitoring Services, Alarm Response Unit, CCTV& Door Access   

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Womo Security Sdn. Bhd recognizes the importance of its officers in providing customer satisfaction and in ensuring overall quality in service delivery. We value our workforce and have made significant investment into recruitment, training and development of our operation and support team.

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Employee Theft and the Warehouse


Retailers have long understood that they have more to fear from dishonest employees than they do shoplifters. In 2002, retailers lost over $15 billion to employee theft and fraud. For your warehouse, the losses are almost entirely internal; there are no customers to shoplift, and external thieves often work with an employee to gain access […]

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  Security for parking lots seems to be getting a lot of press lately. If you look at the statistics, roughly 80% of the criminal acts at shopping centers, strip malls and business offices occur in the parking lot. Lawyers make a good living off liability cases based on a lack of sufficient security measures […]

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Keeping Shopping Malls Safe and Secured!

Malls seem like tightly-controlled and safe spaces for shopping, entertainment and dining. Yet they actually present great problems for those who are in charge of the safety and security of the retailers and customers. Shopping malls have lots of features that make them attractive to criminals. There are plenty of nice things in the stores, […]

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