How to Maintain Safety and Security in Construction Environment?

Posted by Admin on March - 17 - 2015

Most consumers wrongly assume that the role of security guards are limited to banks, supermarkets and residences where people interact with on a daily basis. However, in a construction environment which is still to be completely finished, a guard has a significant role to play because of various reasons. First of all, the environment can […]

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Essential Components of Handling Emergency from a Security Guard Company in Puchong

Posted by Admin on March - 12 - 2015

Nobody can predict when an emergency situation might arise because it is completely unplanned and may happen even at the most unexpected moment. But, everyone in a premises, be it in a business, hospital or restaurant can always create emergency plans to avoid loss of life and damage to property. A security guard company in […]

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Foolproof Tips to Secure Warehouse and Stop Thefts

Posted by Admin on March - 3 - 2015

Statistics reveal that millions of dollars are lost every year due to warehouse theft, mostly by employees and sometimes due to their careless behavior. Specialized guards who have undergone security training services in Klang are not only efficient against criminals and threats from the outside but can also help you avoid loss in business. The […]

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