3 Guidelines Security Guards Follow When Monitoring Premises

Posted by Admin on January - 9 - 2015


Every client should have the right to know how well the reliable gurkha guards would perform when on duty because the very purpose of hiring them is to make sure the venue is completely secured, free from trespassers, burglars and potential criminals. These three guidelines are always followed by the professionals which helps them stay extremely alert on job and well-organized while performing their role.

Reliable Communication Tool

The best Gurkha guard services always follow a single communication system so as to avoid any type of potential confusion .Their goal is to make sure that communication is strong between different guards as well as all notifications are sent to a central hub, in case of critical situations. For this purpose, they are all issued two way radios. Compared to a cell phone and other communication tools, radios are easily considered the most reliable and easy to use of them all. They make little noise, has no connectivity issues despite climate and location besides uses controls that can be understood by people with even little education.

Established System and Routine

A well-established system and routine is followed by employers in the Gurkha guard business in Malaysia. They impart the training to every individual guard while they are still in training and those guards follow the same protocols throughout their job period. The system includes using signals to communicate, patrolling methods, interrogating potential culprits and other professional techniques which makes the guard much efficient not just in their physical attire but who are mentally well-planned as well. A routine will also be established among Gurkhas in your building and adjacent buildings so that they could comprehensively secure the venue.

Certified Training

The training that they undergo before being hired is certified by different individual and government bodies. The guards are assigned to clients only after they successfully pass background verification and have scored high during their evaluation tests. A good company would always follow rigorous training methods which tests the physical fitness levels and the mental stability of the person before certified them as a security guard. They are taught combat techniques so that they could overpower an opponent without much difficulty. A guard not only focuses on thefts and trespassing but are also trained for extreme situations such as hijacking, fire, natural disasters. They will help evacuate the venue and secure your customers.

With all the benefits offered by a security guard company and their trained professionals, it is a great investment that you could make for your business.