5 Reasons Why Surveillance Equipment is Great for Shopping Malls

Posted by Admin on February - 10 - 2015

Surveillance Equipment is Great for Shopping Malls

Using surveillance equipment is a great way to help reliable Gurkha guards do their job efficiently. These automatic cameras, alarms and other accessories are easy to install. Besides, they play an important role in making sure the visitors to the shopping mall is kept safe at all times and feel free to browse through the products without feeling threatened.

Cost Efficient

The Gurkha guard business in Malaysia can help you hire as many guards as required. But, at the same time when it comes to huge places like shopping malls, supermarkets and offices, it is not possible for them to cover every nook and corner. In this regard, you can install multiple cameras that the guard can monitor with the convenience of his location. It makes it a cost efficient solution for surveillance.

24/7 Security

There are no down time for these equipment because they are designed to work round the clock, throughout the year. Even in situations when one of them fails, the best Gurkha guard services company that provided you the peripherals will replace it with an alternative until the original is serviced. It ensures that you and your visitors get 24/7 security without fail.

Highly Reliable

With the advancement in technology, the tools used to survey shopping malls is exceptionally good at their job and are highly reliable. Their alert system is fully connected to one another and to devices including a central surveillance room, smartphones and tablets. Guards can monitor them on the go and also by using the monitor room. They trigger an alarm as soon as something is wrong making it an efficient way to assure security.

Easy Maintenance

The advanced tools doesn’t require any regular maintenance because they are designed to be used throughout the year without too much repair. Easy maintenance ensures your don’t have to spend too much in buying and installing these tools. Besides, their peripherals and parts are cheap in case a replacement is required. You can get it from the company that provides you the security guards.

Better Co-ordination among Guards

Gurkha security guards will be able to work efficiently when assisted by such surveillance equipment. They can plan their patrol schedule accordingly and split their job. It also allows them to monitor any suspicious activities among visitors and interrogate, if required. Other surveillance equipment such as metal detectors are inevitable for guards who have the responsibility of controlling thousands of visitors every day in a shopping mall.