What Qualities are Best to Have as a Security Guard

Posted by Admin on April - 26 - 2016

What Qualities are Best to Have as a Security Guard Not All Personalities are Suited to Become Security Guards Not all personalities will make a great security guard. A good example of a personality that would not make a decent security guard is someone who is never serious. A person who makes a joke out […]

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Job Duties of Security Guards

Posted by Admin on March - 9 - 2016

In order to adequately protect people and property, security guards must know and enforce rules and regulations to prevent criminal activity before it happens. They may monitor points of access in a building or property to allow entry only to individuals with the correct identification or authorization. In some situations, such as public events or […]

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Essential Components of Handling Emergency from a Security Guard Company in Puchong

Posted by Admin on March - 12 - 2015

Nobody can predict when an emergency situation might arise because it is completely unplanned and may happen even at the most unexpected moment. But, everyone in a premises, be it in a business, hospital or restaurant can always create emergency plans to avoid loss of life and damage to property. A security guard company in […]

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The Difference Between Certified Security Guard vs Non-Certified Individuals

Posted by Admin on February - 20 - 2015

A customer planning to hire a home security guard in Malaysia should definitely go for the ones who have undergone rigorous training and has been certified by a reputed company. While at first look, it might seem exceptionally normal and all the same, there are multiple differences between an individual who is not certified when […]

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6 Benefits of Hiring Security Guards and Surveillance

Posted by Admin on January - 22 - 2015

The security guard services can make a whole lot of difference to your premises, be it a residential venue or a business. Criminals and potential harm makers are present everywhere irrespective of where you live or sell your goods. Here are the benefits that you gain by hiring them. Sense of Security The most important […]

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Why Schools Should Hire Private Security Guards?

Posted by Admin on January - 17 - 2015

Compared to the real world, in recent times young children often face danger on an everyday basis. The thing is that they spend most of their day at school and such a premises should be completely secured by expert professionals so that they could be there to assist them during critical times. A security guard […]

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