Condominium Security Tips for Residents

Posted by Admin on February - 2 - 2015

Condominium Security Tips-for Residents in Malaysia

Living in a condominium is much secure when compared to individual homes located in isolated areas but at the same time, it is important to take some security measures even when living among people. Huge apartment complexes often have hundreds living inside it but at the same time it poses some security risks that you should be aware of. Before renting or purchasing such a property, ensure that they have hired a trained professional from a security guard company. A good property owner would always do that to ensure the safety of the residents.

Generic Tips

  • While some tips might sound quite simple, they could make a whole lot of difference in real life. Just because you live in a different floor doesn’t mean you could be careless with the doors and windows. Make sure they are firmly locked. 
  • Use an alarm system within your residence and make sure it is in working condition. Today, you can buy a system that could be synced with your smartphones and notify you of any emergencies in a prompt manner. 
  • Never walk alone in isolated areas of the apartment complex. Always stay within well-lit areas and the developers should also lighten up the entire premises for assured safety levels. 
  • Hiring guards from a reputed security guard company in Johor Bahru is a must because they are professional trained, have efficient way of handling culprits and had their backgrounds verified to ensure complete security for the residents.

Securing the Premises

  • Because of the high population within the condominium, it is important to check the identity of every new person who walks into it. 
  • The best security guard company could help in this regard by posting two sentries or one in the gate. They will be responsible for authorizing any new entrants and will let them in only after taking their photograph as well as collecting their personal details.
  • Emergency phones should be placed at different points so that the residents could instantly access them when required.
  • Any hardware or property shouldn’t be disposed directly in the dump including paper which could lead to serious security issues. Always make sure they are completely destroyed and dispose them off through the right means than just garbage. 
  • All doors should be locked and no valuables should be left in your vehicles at any point. It could save you a lot of trouble. Check if the doors are firmly locked before you leave your vehicle or apartment.