The Difference Between Certified Security Guard vs Non-Certified Individuals

Posted by Admin on February - 20 - 2015


A customer planning to hire a home security guard in Malaysia should definitely go for the ones who have undergone rigorous training and has been certified by a reputed company. While at first look, it might seem exceptionally normal and all the same, there are multiple differences between an individual who is not certified when compared to a professional person who comes with an authorization from the company that trained them.

1. Background Verification – The first and foremost mandatory requirement for anyone to become a guard is to have a clean record. Sometimes, criminals plan ahead and acquire the role of a security officer so that they could indulge in a robbery with their team. It helps them gather intel, know more about the venue and its security procedure so that a flawless criminal act could be organized. Such issues can be avoided only through background verification to ensure the person doesn’t have any criminal records and have not been involved in such activities. The company will take care of this process dutifully.

2. Professional Training – Another important aspect for home security guards in Johor Bahru is to undergo professional training so that they are capable of handling all types of critical situations. After all, their job involves a lot of risky situations and without proper training, it is practically impossible to face situations. In a reputed company, the individuals who are interested in taking up such a role are trained rigorously by policemen and ex-military personnel. They are the best and they impart the same knowledge to those under them.

3. Certification and Support – Unlike an individual who may be absent to work one day without prior notice, trained and certified guards always have a backup. The company takes care of such situations and if a guard is unavailable for the day, they send a replacement to ensure your location is secure at all times. It is a mandatory requirement for both residences and business venues as they can’t afford to be left open to attacks even for a day. Besides, the companies also have a detailed background list and certified information of the person, in case something goes wrong. They support you throughout the service period.

4. Service Solutions – Hiring a person from a company makes it easier to increase the number of security guards if you need and also go for any packages that ideally suits your budget. The convenience is available only with reputed companies that operate with a team of security guards.