Exclusive: How to be a Night Club Security Guard!

Posted by womosecurity on September - 27 - 2012

To some, being a nightclub security guard may sound like an excuse to party, while for others, it may sound like the bottom of the barrel type of job. Either way, no matter the stigma put upon the job title, the position is a crucial key to the safety of any nightclub. Every single night at any nightclub is not perfect, though you may not notice it. Through the diligence and proper training of nightclub security guards, they ensure that a patron of any nightclub establishment, never sees or hears any commotion.

If you are interested in becoming a nightclub security guard, there are a few things you should know. You should also understand it is not only about having muscles and putting on a shirt that says bouncer; it takes much more than that.


The Stereotype

Nightclub security guards often have a stereotype placed upon them. Many believe that all nightclub security guards and bouncers are all muscle bound rejects from some other career venture. Careers like wrestling, pro-football and weight lifting are commonly associated with the stereotype of a nightclub security guard. While they may look like they lift weights, have played pro ball or even wrestled, it is generally nothing more than a stereotype placed upon these security guards.



Proper training is the most crucial aspect of this job. It is more than muscles and mean looks.  A nightclub security officer must be properly trained to handle any situation they may encounter. Poorly trained security personnel can take a bad situation to worse and quickly. It is imperative that anyone working with the public understand the rules, regulations and how to control their strengths and weaknesses. Training is also important in order to understand legal boundaries when on the job. There are many fine lines that can not be crossed when it comes to being a nightclub security officer. Proper training is highly recommended to protect security guards and the public.


Dealing with the Public

You can be the most outgoing person and still not fully grasp how you should conduct yourself as a nightclub security guard. Making friends with club goers and goofing off is not what you are there to get paid to do. It is also not as easy dealing with club goers as one might think. When you mix, loud music, alcohol and other instigators, you are mixing a recipe for possible disaster. You have to learn to read body language as a security guard. Many people do not realize what they are saying or doing when alcohol is involved and it is up to nightclub security to maintain a diligent eye on the entire club as guests are having a good time. Everyone’s safety is in your hands.