Foolproof Tips to Secure Warehouse and Stop Thefts

Posted by Admin on March - 3 - 2015

Tips to Secure Warehouse and Stop Thefts

Statistics reveal that millions of dollars are lost every year due to warehouse theft, mostly by employees and sometimes due to their careless behavior. Specialized guards who have undergone security training services in Klang are not only efficient against criminals and threats from the outside but can also help you avoid loss in business. The only way to do so is secure your venue with the right surveillance equipment, get the guards patrol it on a regular basis and create a schedule that is highly unpredictable.

Manual patrol – While home security guards in Johor Bahru are great for securing your residential venues, you can hire the same unarmed guards for your warehouses as well. In a time when online commerce is thriving, keeping goods in warehouse to distribute them in a timely manner is mandatory. At the same time, making sure they are not lost or stolen is important. Try manual patrol schedules. The company will take care of the process and will help you secure your premises with professional trained guards.

Equipment solutions – Even though, the best Nepal guards company in Johor can supply the right people to protect your warehouse, it is also necessary to install some good equipment to avoid thefts. Employee thefts are often undetectable which is why you should keep this process completely hidden from everyone else. Use scanners and sensors which trigger an alarm whenever products that are not billed are moved out of the premises. It is an easy and efficient way to stop thefts from taking place.

Camera monitoring – The good old method of protecting goods inside a warehouse is to install multiple cameras which are considered to be the best surveillance equipment. You can also consider installing bright lights in all areas, especially the corners and accompany them with a camera. A dark place often leads to easy thefts which is why it should be lit at all times and consider installing multiple cameras to cover every nook and corner. It saves you the stress and also avoids financial damages caused by frequent thefts.

Instruct your employees to behave at their best and always provide them enough benefits so that they are less inclined to steal items. While all methods help, you can always personally ask your manager or patrol the area yourself at the least expected moment. Manual methods always help. Just keep in mind that it shouldn’t be on a scheduled day or time so as to take the scenario by surprise.