Securing Your Business With Safety Precautions

Posted by Admin on June - 23 - 2014

Securing Your Business With Safety Precautions

For most business owners, the security of their business relies mainly on their investment in precautionary safety measures in safeguarding their financial interest of the business.

The more investment channeled into attempts of safeguarding their interest from potential harm and threat especially in the form of robbery and ill attempts, the better the chance for the business to survive and sustain continuity.

The very basic of adding physical security to a business might be resorting to technological advancement in surveillance and so called fool proof gadgets.

But, its always safe to rely on the fundamentals of safety precautions in keeping one’s business from the harms of ill intents. As employees are the front liners in most businesses, its crucial to target this group of people as the best tool for detection and prevention especially by inducing scenario based training to equip themselves with the right response structure against attempts of robbery and planned theft.

Employees need to be taught to make eye contact with customers as this might make anyone with sinister motives uncomfortable and fearing they might have been noticed will abort their plans.

Before transporting cash from the till to the cash room, ensure a loss prevention officer is present, if not two members of staff need to be present. An opportunistic thief will not strike when they observe the presence of a loss prevention officer or two members of staff.

Next, get these employees to integrate their daily routines with the help of technology around them.
Ensure till, cash-office cash drawers, safes, and doors are secured at all times. Only authorized personnel should have access to the cash room. No visitor including vendor should be given access to the cash room.

A basic alarm system with movement sensors that covers the entrances, windows, skylights, ceilings and any other high risk area will more or less be enough to protect a store. If a burglar enters a store and the alarm goes off, he will try to grab as much as he can and flee as he does not want to be caught therefore does not waste time searching for valuables. It is essential that the alarm is monitored so that when it is triggered it is responded to and investigated. If there was a breach of security, it is essential that the cause is identified and rectified.

And finally, its always good to have a balance between safety precautions and security enhancements.