Surveillance Camera: A Need or A Must?

Posted by womosecurity on September - 24 - 2012

Surveillance cameras are extremely important in today’s life and have completely revolutionized the way crimes are solved today. Detectives and the police do not have to rely on foggy recollections by witnesses as they can see for themselves what exactly took place by rewinding the tapes. In the next ten years, it will be very hard to find a public place that has not been installed with surveillance cameras and this step will be very effective in curbing crime because of the increased fear of being caught.

Surveillance cameras help establish the identity of a criminal very easily and his/her image can be circulated throughout the country and on news channels to help the process of nabbing and arrest much simpler. Even if the actual act of crime is not recorded in the cameras, certain important aspects that help to present a case in a whole new light are certainly recorded. Security tapes related to the places that a suspect visited is the first thing that most police officers ask for when a crime takes place. This makes it almost impossible for suspects to furnish false alibis that may act as safety nets for them and help them evade punishment.

Apart from being a great aid in solving crimes, surveillance cameras also help employers keep a thorough check on what their employees are doing. As employers cannot be present everywhere at the same time, these cameras make the surveillance of a large number of employers possible in a cost-effective manner. Tardy and inefficient employees can be observed and then laid off for the benefits of the company. It becomes much easier to supervise and control the working of the employees. It also helps raise levels of efficiency.

High-end retail stores also install security cameras in order to save their products from being stolen. The images of all customers that enter the store at a particular time are recoded and their actions are observed on the screens installed for this very purpose.

Although a lot of people think that the infiltration of spy cameras in public life is taking away the privacy of general citizens, they fail to note the immense benefits that accrue to the society as a whole. It becomes much easier to track down criminals and to pin point or affix their misdeeds on them. Even though they arouse mixed reactions from different quarters of the society, it is an established fact that they just cannot be done away with in today’s world.