WOMO Security Group is known for providing highly trained and disciplined armed security guards throughout Malaysia, We go above and beyond the required standards for our officers and ensure that extra rigorous training is completed and applied with the utmost care and professionalism. We set ourselves above other security companies because the majority of our commissioned security . We implement the same use-of-force continuum that other law enforcement agencies use. These policies describe an escalating series of actions an officer may take to resolve a situation.

We proudly offer both armed and unarmed security services in Malaysia. Our commissioned security officers are authorized to carry firearms and have completed advanced security training, ensuring we comply with all guidelines that an individual must follow to carry a weapon on duty. A commissioned security officer has a strong sense of integrity, is extremely aware of his surroundings and is able to stay calm and level-headed in life threatening situations. An armed security guard is highly recommended in locations where: Large sums of money are involved, valuable and expensive items are in need of protection, and a higher level of security is needed.

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